Sleep kindly. WakeMeThere App let's you sleep until you reach your destination.

Available on Windows Store.

App Features

Don't miss your destination with WakeMeThere App.

Windows 10 Universal App

Run WakeMeThere wherever you want. On your Phone, Tablet even Computer.

Responsive Layout

App looks great on small and big displays. Portrait and Landscape.

WakeMeThere PRO Version available

Low Energy Mode, Alarm Fuse, New Features First!

Lumia 930 Wake Me There App

Locate Yourself

Show your position on built in HERE Maps. Switch Terrain and Satellite.

Choose your destination

Put Your Destination Pin and set a Radius of your Wake UP Zone.

Let the WakeMeThere to Wake You UP

App will wake You when you enter your Wake UP Zone.

Low Energy Mode

If you are traveling longer distances you can turn on the Low Energy Mode and increase the GPS tracking interval. Bigger interval improves your battery consumption.

* in WakeMeUp PRO version.

Alarm Fuse

If your battery comes less than 15% (by default) WakeMeThere will notify you about that because there will be probably no more energy for Waking you UP later. You can customize your Alarm Fuse level by your own.

* in WakeMeUp PRO version.


How WakeMeThere helps You

Are you travelling?

Would you like take a nap without fear of missing your destination? WakeMeThere will warn you when you reach your destination!
Just hold your finger on the map to choose your destination, select a radius of your Wake Up Zone with + and - buttons and confirm. Now you can run WakeMeThere in background. WakeMeThere will wake you when you enter your marked Zone.

You can return to your map whenever you want to check your actual position or set up a new destination point.

From Idea to App

Martin and Me are travellers heart and souls. We realized one thing during our journeys. Whenever we travel from city to city, from country to country we don't know exactly at what time.
There are often some delays and sometimes there is even no information about time. In those cases we used to open our maps, check our GPS position, set up an alarm clock and hope we don't miss our destination.

We decided to create an App where you can choose your destination, set the radius and let the App wake you up.

Both of us are users of Microsoft Lumia phones so we started inventing a Universal Windows 10 App although it is not officially released on phones. We had never programmed Apps for mobiles but Martin has experience with Java and I was focused all the times on Web Technologies. We put our knowledge together and made this App real.

App is now avaiable on Microsoft Store in two versions. There is a Free version and we also provide Pro version. It contains features as Low Energy Mode and Alarm Fuse. Moreover, Pro subscribers get new features first! So if you like our WakeMeThere App stay tunned!

WakeMeThere App

Vojtech & Martin

Briefly about us

Vojtech Piska

Hi, my name is Vojtech and I was born in the Czech Republic (famous for many things not only for the best beer in the world ).

I am studying Master's program at Brno University of Technology (Communications and Informatics) but I studied in Istanbul at Bogazici University and in Sofia at Technical University as well.

I love travelling, new IT gadgets and Technologies.

  • Web Developer - HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, jQuery, WordPress, Joomla
  • Windows Heavy User - C#, XAML, Windows Universal Apps
  • Traveller & Life Lover

Martin Rajnoha

Hi there, I am Martin and come from Slovakia. I study Teleinformatics at Brno University of Technology and probably will continue at PhD studies in field of artificial inteligence. I am interested in computer networks and programming mainly JAVA but don't have problem with creating any program in any language

I studied at Bogazi University in Istanbul and at Technical University in Sofia as well. It definitely added to my attitude in travelling and exploring abroad what I really like. I like extreme sports such as climbing and freeride on skis and bicycle.

  • Programming - JAVA, C#, XAML, PHP
  • It skills - CISCO, MySQL, VBA
  • Live your life, enjoy every second.



Few screenshots from WakeMeThere App.

Free & Pro Version

Free and Pro comparison.



  • Background Tracking
  • Predefined Radiuses for Wake Up Zone
  • Low Energy Mode
  • Alarm Fuse
  • New Features First
Download Free



  • Background Tracking
  • Predefined Radiuses for Wake Up Zone
  • Low Energy Mode
  • Alarm Fuse
  • New Features First
Download Pro